Preassembled Aerial Cable

A low-cost, out-of-the-box solution

Kerite Preassembled Aerial Cable is an easy and inexpensive method for running open wire circuits under a bridge and a lower-cost alternative for underground feeders and circuits.

Kerite’s Preassembled Aerial cable comes completely assembled on the reel, with 3 conductors tri-plexed and wrapped with a strap to a copper-clad messenger wire. It’s ready to go up on the pole and is used in locations closer to the public; it is completely insulated with no touch potential. It also installs quicker than 3 individual cables on insulators.

  • Conductor – Compressed or Compact, Three Copper or Aluminum Conductors
  • Conductor Shield – Nonconducting Permashield® Stress Control Layer
  • Insulation – Discharge-Resistant EPR Insulation
  • Insulation Shield – Extruded Free Stripping Semiconducting Layer
  • Metallic Shield – Copper Tape with Jacket or Cupro Nickel Tape 
  • Jacket – Optional
  • Support – Copper-Clad Messenger Wire
  • Custom Built

View the printable Kerite Preassembled Aerial Cable flyer.