Power Cable

Power Cable 

Medium voltage cable 

Kerite is one of the oldest manufacturers of medium-voltage cable to the electric utility market. 


Kerite manufactures superior quality, Discharge Resistant - EPRTM insulated medium voltage cable from 5kV to 35kV. It is widely regarded in North and South America as the most capable underground residential distribution cable solution in the industry. It is an excellent replacement for PILC cable in older duct banks. 

Field Friendly® Cable

  • Only Kerite cable offers a consistent high level of user friendliness.
  • The combination of our free stripping insulation shield and our easy-to-remove insulation makes the preparation for termination or splicing simple and fast.

Superior wet performance

  • Kerite's wet design distribution cable will perform in typical utility trouble spots - flooded vaults, water-soaked conduit and high ground water applications.

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Hendrix Wire & Cable 

Another division of Marmon Utility, Hendrix Wire and Cable manufactures TRXLPE-insulated, medium voltage (15kV to 35kV) cables for underground residential distribution. 

Contamination Control

The raw ingredients of Hendrix cable insulation are delivered, stored and manufactured in closed loop systems that have been designed and constructed to permanently eliminate potential sources of insulation contamination that could lead to early cable failures.

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Shorter lead times and custom lengths 

  • Kerite and Hendrix consistently have the shortest lead times in the industry.
  • Kerite and Hendrix medium voltage cable is available immediately by going to www.cableprospector.com and ordering for immediate shipment from stock.